post @ docklands.no
+47 415 45 868

Pål Tvedt
Founder & CEO
pal @ docklands.no  
+47 415 45 868

Pål Tvedt first came up with the idea of Docklands in 2012. He has 15 years of experience within artist management, concerts, and festivals

K. Richard Paulsen
richard @ docklands.no 
+47 414 14 999

We see the importance of a leaders who can take an active role in Docklands, in terms of quality control, as well as the financial aspect of a business. For this reason, we have K. Richard Paulsen, as Chairman. Paulsen has a lot of experience in the hotel and restaurant business, he has, among other things, the responsibility for all Nordic Choice Resort Hotels in Scandinavia. Paulsen will eventually step in as CEO for Docklands

Erlend Syltevik
Member of the Board
erlend @ appetite.no
+47 922 32 379

Erlend is a corporate events producer with 20 years of international experience working predominantly for large Norwegian industrial companies, financial institutions, political parties and NGOs. He has prroduced outdoor festivals for audiences of up to 100.000 people, and political congresses for Parliament. As board member and owner of Appetite for Production AS, his contribution is to be a seasoned link between culture, corporations, technicians and essential production communities.