Docks have been a vital link between cultures for the majority of human history.

The fact that Norway has a very long coastline has therefore meant that Norway’s many docs have been cultural melting pots,
where stories were told and new ideas were developed.

Through Docklands, we want to continue this legacy.
Norway’s coasts will be sprawling meeting places
where entertainment and cultural experiences can once again be enjoyed

For generations the use of ships has been the main way to travel and connect people along the long Norwegian coastline.
Despite the many alternatives for transport today,
ships are still a key carrier when big loads need to be moved.

Docklands will utilize the benefits of ships to transport cultural events and cultural expressions to the many cities and towns along the coast.

We are building a ship for concerts, events and art exhibitions.
The goal is to provide a variety of cultural experiences to all of Norway




With the purpose of housing different types of events and artistry the ship includes a main concert hall, a club stage, TV stage, an outdoor stage, Restaurant and an art gallery


The concert hallwill have 1.200seats with a telescoping tribune, allowing for more open floor space


Our goal is for Docklands to be a place where both Norwegian and international artists can perform. We will host theater performances, concerts, stand up comedy, ballets and musicals for example, “Grease on Docklands”, “Christmas on Docklands”, etc.


We want to collaborate with Kulturtanken on concerts and performances for schools and kindergartens all over Norway


The Docklands will be constructed in such a way that halls and rooms easily can be used for events, parties, conferences and fairs


Some of the many festivals along the coast of Norway can use Docklands as one of their stages (e.g. Festspillene in Bergen, Palmesus in Kristiansand, Ålesund Båtfestival in Ålesund, Moldejazz in Molde etc.)


On top deck we will have a club stage. Shows for schools and kindergardens, parties, stand up shows, small concerts, etc. will take place here


We will show what coastal Norway has to offer in terms of food. We will work with local producers and retailers to ensure dining experiences that give back to the local community. Docklands will serve Food with signatures from well-known kitchen artists. In the summer, simple food is also served up on the ship’s deck

Using local foods is sustainable and it is important to the individual communities where the ship will visit. Therefore, the chefs onboard Docklands will mainly use local ingredients at our restaurants


Docklands will give both people who reside in the countryside and the city the opportunity to meet outstanding art and actively creative artists

With this art gallery of 2000 sqm and Dockland’s comprehensive concept, the boat will have the very best conditions to provide the best of art communication

The art gallery will be located in a specific area that takes into account the high level of required security


We want to be a state-of-the-art TV production location. We want a variety of both new TV concepts and established TV productions to have their shows on Docklands (“Lindmo on Docklands”, “Norge Rundt on Docklands”, “MPG Jr. on Docklands” etc.) We also plan to develop television concepts ourselves e.g. “Summer in Docklands”

We will have a summer stage on top of the ship for events and TV productions


Summer Stage and Seasonal Restaurant on the Terrace

The roof/deck will be used a as a roof terrace, stage, restaurant and bar in the summer. People should enjoy themselves and use the ship for more than just seeing a concert. This deck will be different from the larger halls inside the ship, with the combination of a small stage and a bar. This is a place where guests will feel welcome to stay even after the concert downstairs is over. The vision is to create an environment where people feel like being part of something new and different

On the roof/deck we will be able to host summer parties, concerts, comedy shows and TV productions in the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian fjords and coast. This environment is very flexible, and will allow for further development in the future

Summer at Docklands

Summer at Docklands is essentially a traveling festival, which travels to 40 different locations along the Norwegian coast, during the summer, spending one day in each location. This, traveling festival is all about creating a great atmosphere with concerts, TV and radio shows, and food and beverages on the docks. The idea is that the places we visit, the people we meet and their stories will play starring roles in the TV and radio shows hosted on Summer at Docklands

Our goal is to provide fun, great cultural experiences along the coastline


Outdoor stage

Sketch of Docklands Outdoor Stage

When docking the ship, it is possible to open up the back of the ship, revealing a stage, allowing concerts to be held at any dock big enough to allow the ship to dock.

This outdoor stage can be used for large concerts in areas with the capacity to host a large audience. This way, the Docklands’ outdoor stage can allow for big artists, who draw in big crowds to perform. This outdoor stage can also be used for “VG-Lista on Docklands” or “Vinterlyd on Docklands” etc.

Docklands will provide the possibility to do large concerts in entirely new, places along the coast.



We will take cultural experiences to places that would otherwise never experience them. In order to succeed with this mission, it is important that we have Norway’s leading cultural institutions and production companies on our side.

We have been talking with several big cultural institutions and production companies

The leading cultural institutions and production companies in Norway have shown interest in using Docklands


We are going to be an important demonstrator of environmental technology for Norway.

Transport needs to be green in the years to come. In collaboration with Ulstein Design we are creating a ship that aims to be 100% zero emission. This is not an easy task for such a big ship but our advantage is the need for only short distance sailing. Innovasjon Norge has already given a grant to Ulstein Design for their initial work. Furthermore ENOVA and Forskningsrådet are interested in supporting our endevours.  In order to succeed with our goal of zero emissions, we need support from the people who work with solving the world’s climate issues, and our conversion to a low emission society

In collaborationwith Ulstein Design, ourshipwill be an “environmentaltechnology demonstrator” for Norway

The feedback is unilaterally positive with a desire to support Docklands


From the very beginning the founder of Docklands, Pål Tvedt, wanted Docklands to have a Corporate Social Responsibility mindset;

We want to make a difference for the people who need help

We want to push good social and environmental values, to the same degree as we wish to do well financially.  This combination of goals will surely lead to long-term success for Docklands

We are incredibly proud and happy about the partnership with Mercy Ships